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The Symbols of Clan Anderson

Clan Crest

Clan Motto


The Anderson tartan is referenced in a book, The Tartans of the Clans and Septs of Scotland, published by W & AK Johnston, 1906. Likewise samples of the tartan were included in collections of tartans by John MacGregor Hastie and by James Cant. The sett (pattern) of the Anderson tartan includes these primary colors: red, azure, black, white, yellow, blue, green. The azure color predominates the tartan, making it somewhat unique among the Scottish tartans. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Anderson tartan is that it has seven distinct colors whereas most Scottish tartans typically have three to five different colors.

The Anderson crest consists of a strap and buckle encircling an oak tree. The oak tree rests on the "wreath", which for the Andersons is a twisted strand of red and silver threads. The wreath has six loops, with silver and red in an alternating pattern. Silver is the first loop on the left side, and red is the last loop on the right side. The Clan motto, STAND SURE, is written in the top portion of the strap. It is correct for all Andersons to wear a crest, as a sign of being a clansman.

STAND SURE is the Anderson clan slogan or motto. Clearly, it reflects the spirit we all feel as Andersons. As does an oak tree, Andersons "stand sure" and firm in their Scottish heritage. Stand Sure is as relevant today, as it was throughout history, to recall the strength and pride of Andersons in any situation.

It is inappropriate for anyone to wear a Scottish coat of arms unless that person (or the direct descendent) has been granted the coat of arms directly by the Lord Lyon. Feathers worn in conjunction with the crest are likewise incongruous with Scottish law, as the feathers (one, two or three) denote chief, chieftain or armiger.

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