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Genealogy Forms

Clan Anderson Society provides these genealogical forms for your use in recording your personal genealogy. These forms are courtesy of the National Genealogical Society and were originally published on the National Genealogical Society's website by the NGS Learning Center.

To download PDfs of these forms, click the appropriate image.

      The family group sheets record information on a particular family. It lists the father,
      mother and children in the spaces provided. Dates are recorded as for the Pedigree

      The FGS Notes are designed to record footnotes for information included on the
      family group sheet.

      The Pedigree chart is used to record the information on a specific person, including
      spouse information, parents information, both grandparents information and so on
      working backwards. Dates of birth, death, marriage are recorded as day month year
      format, and the places of each event are recorded as city (county) state format.

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